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Anthony Barry. Chaplins Music Hall. London, 2012.

Asplund Uno. Chaplins Films. Newton Abbot, 1973.

Bengtson John. Silent Traces. Santa Monica, 2006.

Bessy Maurice. Charlie Chaplin. London, 1985.

Bloom Claire. Limelight and After. London, 1982.

Bowman W. D. Charlie Chaplin. London, 1931.

Brown Pam. Charlie Chaplin. Watford, 1991.

Brownlow Kevin. The Parades Gone By. London, 1968.

Brownlow Kevin. The Search for Charlie Chaplin. London, 2010.

Chaplin Charles. My Trip Abroad. New York, 1922.

Chaplin Charles. My Autobiography. London, 1964.

Chaplin Charles. My Life in Pictures. London, 1974.

Chaplin junior Charles. My Father, Charlie Chaplin. New York, 1960.

Chaplin Lita Grey. My Life with Chaplin. New York, 1966.

Chaplin Lita Grey and Vance Jeffrey. Wife of the Life of the Party. London, 1998.

Chaplin Michael. I Couldnt Smoke the Grass on My Fathers Lawn. London, 1966.

Clausius Claudia. The Gentleman Is a Tramp. New York, 1989.

Cooke Alistair. Six Men. London, 1977.

Cotes Peter and Niklaus Thelma. The Little Fellow. London, 1951.

Delluc Louis. Charlie Chaplin. London, 1922.

Epstein Jerry. Remembering Charlie. New York, 1989.

Fleischman Sid. Sir Charlie. New York, 2010.

Flom E. L. Chaplin in the Sound Era. London, 1997.

Geduld H. M. Chapliniana. Bloomington, 1987.

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Hale Georgia. Charlie Chaplin. London, 1999.

Harness Kyp. The Art of Charlie Chaplin. London, 2008.

Hayes Kevin J. (ed.). Charlie Chaplin Interviews. Jackson, 2005.

Hoyt Edwin P. Sir Charlie. London, 1977.

Huff Theodore. Charlie Chaplin. New York, 1951.

Isaac Frederick. When the Moon Shone Bright on Charlie Chaplin. Melksham, 1978.

Jacobs David. Chaplin, The Movies, and Charlie. New York, 1975.

James Eric. Making Music with Charlie Chaplin. Folkestone, 2000.

Kamin Dan. Charlie Chaplins One-Man Show. London, 1984.

Kamin Dan. The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin. Plymouth, 2008.

Kamin Dan (ed.). Chaplin: The Dictator and The Tramp. London, 2004.

Karney Robyn and Cross Robin. The Life and Times of Charlie Chaplin. London, 1992.

Kaushik Manav. Recollecting Charlie. Gurgaon, 2009.

Kerr Walter. The Silent Clowns. New York, 1975.

Kimber John. The Art of Charlie Chaplin. Sheffield, 2000.

Larcher J'er^ome. Charlie Chaplin. Paris, 2011.

Louvish Simon. Chaplin. The Tramps Odyssey. London, 2009.

Lynn Kenneth S. Charlie Chaplin and His Times. London, 1998.

Lyons Timothy J. Charles Chaplin. Boston, 1979.

McCabe John. Charlie Chaplin. London, 1978.

McCaffrey Donald (ed.). Focus on Chaplin. New Jersey, 1971.

McDonald G.D., Conway Michel and Ricci Mark (eds.). The Films of Charlie Chaplin. Secaucus, 1965.

Maland Charles J. Chaplin and American Culture. Princeton, 1989.

Manvell Roger. Chaplin. Boston, 1974.

Marriot A.J. Chaplin, Stage by Stage. Hitchin, 2005.

Mast Gerald. The Comic Mind. New York, 1973.

Mellen Joan. Modern Times. London, 2006.

Milton Joyce. Tramp. New York, 1996.

Minney R. J. Chaplin. The Immortal Tramp. London, 1954. Mitchell Glenn (ed.). The Chaplin Encyclopaedia. London, 1997.

Neibaur James L. Chaplin at Essanay. London, 2008.

Okuda Ted and Maska David. Charlie Chaplin at Keystone and Essanay. New York, 2005.

Oleksy Walter. Laugh, Clown, Cry. London, 1976.

Parkinson A. F. Charlie Chaplins South London. London, 2008.

Payne Robert. The Great God Pan. New York, 1952.

Quigly Isabel. Charlie Chaplin. Early Comedies. London, 1968.

Reeves May and Goll Claire. The Intimate Charlie Chaplin. London, 2001.

Robinson David. Chaplin. London, 1983.

Robinson David. Chaplin. His Life and Art. London, 1985.

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Scheide Frank and Mehran Hooman (eds.). Chaplins Limelight and the Music Hall Tradition. London, 2006.

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Schroeder Alan. The Beauty of Silence. New York, 1997.

Scovell Jane. Oona. New York, 1998.

Seymour Miranda. Chaplins Girl. London, 2009.

Smith Julian. Chaplin. London, 1984.

Smith S. P. The Charlie Chaplin Walk. Ammanford, 2010.

Sobel Raoul and Francis David. Chaplin. Genesis of a Clown. London 1977.

Turk Ruth. Charlie Chaplin. Minneapolis, 2000.

Tyler Parker. Chaplin. Last of the Clowns. New York, 1972.

Von Ulm Gerith. Charlie Chaplin. King of Tragedy. Idaho, 1940.

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Weissman Stephen. Chaplin. A Life. London, 2009.

Whittemore Don and Cecchettini P. A. Passport to Hollywood. New York, 1976.

Wranovics John. Chaplin and Agee. New York, 2005.

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