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October 25th

12:58. Grigory Yavlinsky came out of the building without any released hostages. He declined to comment his conversation with the terrorists.

1:35AM. Dr. Roshal was allowed to the terrorists. He gave them medicaments. Some doctors representing the Red Cross entered the building with him.

1:40AM. The terrorists led Russian journalists into the building.

2:40AM. An NTV film crew recorded an interview with the terrorists leader. Movsar Basayev said that the action was prepared two months. The fighters have often come to see the Nord-Ost show. Basayev said that he could release all the children by tomorrow morning.

5:30AM. One person was released.

6:30AM. The terrorists released another six hostages.

7:00. NTV showed images taken in the Center on Dubrovka.

7:20AM. Sergey Ignatchenko, deputy director of the FSBs Center of Special Assignment said: They force the hostages to make cellphone calls to their relatives and demand that their relatives hold pickets near the House of Culture demanding the withdrawal of troops from Chechnya.

8.20AM. The terrorists agreed to release the captured foreign citizens in the presence of the States ambassadors.

8.30AM. The heating main in the building was broken. The first floors are flooded with water. The terrorists accuse the special services of provocation.

08.45AM. A crowd of the hostages relatives appeared near the captured building with posters reading: Down with the war in Chechnya!

9.40AM. Ambassadors have gathered near the building. The terrorists do not make any contact. The USA ambassador Alexander Vershbow is among them. They wait a certain time after which they leave.

11.00AM. The terrorists promise to release the children if an anti-military meeting is held on the Red Square before noon. The children were allowed to call their relatives.

12.20. Five Red Cross doctors and Leonid Roshal entered the building.

12.35. The terrorists released 8 children without setting any conditions. The Red Cross doctors led them out.

12.50. Dr. Roshal came out. He said that he managed to give two packages and a package of medicaments.

1:10PM. The FSB Center of Special Assignment says that the terrorists continue to hold 16 children.

1:20PM. The deputy minister of the Interior Vladimir Vasiliev said that the operational headquarters attempted to contact Aslan Maskhadov but they did not succeed.

2:10PM. The official authorities refuted Vasilievs claim that they have tried to contact Maskhadov.

2:30PM. The terrorists demanded to put them immediately in contact with the former Ingushetia president Ruslan Aushev.

2:50PM. The journalist Anna Politkovskaya entered the building. Roshal was with her with a package of medicaments.

3:15PM. The terrorists told the Sunday Times journalist Mark Franketti that they consider their mission accomplished and do not intend to go anywhere, with or without the hostages until there are changes made in Chechnya.

3:30PM. The relatives of the hostages began a demonstration on the Red Square under the slogan Down with the war in Chechnya! Some demonstrators were arrested and taken away by the police.

3:50PM. The FSB director Nikolay Patrushev said that the terrorists will be left alife if they release the hostages. We are continuing the negotiations and I hope they will bring the release of the hostages. He made this statement after a meeting with president Putin. The Minister of Interior Boris Grizlov added: Presently the situation with the hostages is difficult; there are sick people, there are problems with food and water. Some need medical assistance that they dont get. There are reasons to believe that it is on that meeting with Putin that the final decision about raiding the building was taken. On the dawn of the following day. A raid that would be disguised as a forced reaction to the execution of the hostages, which actually never happened. And it began

4:15PM. Some media said that the terrorists made an ultimatum: they will start to shoot the hostages if the Russian governement does not execute their political demands before 6AM on October 26th.

4:30PM. The operational headquarters (I remind that it is headed by the FSB deputy director Pronichev who will later work in Beslan with his Nord-Ost experience, although not as headquarters chief but hiding behind Ossetias FSB general, Andreyev) confirmed that the terrorists threaten to shoot the hostages if their demands are not executed. Let me explain that this is why all the militants with no exception were sent to the other wolrd (without even considering the information that they could have obtained from them on interrogations), so that they could not affirm in court that they did not make any ultimatum on October 25th at 4:15PM. And now how could one find out if there was an ultimatum or no? The contact was made by cellphones.

5:00PM. The journalist Sergey Govorukhin and the assistant editor of Literaturnaya Gazeta Dmitry Belovetzky entered the Center to negotiate with the terrorists.

5:10PM. Anna Politkovskaya came out of the building and said that the terrorists demand juice and water. One little question comes up: why did the terrorists suddently need juice and water? To give them to the hostages before executing them?

5:20PM. Television channels air a Maskhadovs video. In the video, shot God knows when and why, Maskhadov said that the Chechens switched from guerrilla methods to offensive operations. On the final stage we will carry out an ever more unique operations, similar to jihad, Maskhadov says on video. Dubrovka, Nord-Ost or the Theater Center are not mentioned. This video could have been made before the wreck excursions to Budennovsk, Kizlyar or anywhere else. What does final stage means? Final stage of what? In fact, it was the special operation to release the hostages that has already began. They are preparing the public opinion. On all the channels simultaneously.

6:00PM. Ruslan Aushev arrived to the operational headquarters.

6:15PM. Sergey Govorukhin and Dmitry Beletzky came back without any hostages. The militants said that next time they would shoot the visitors who come uninvited. Apparently the militants suspected these two were spies.

6:55PM. Meeting of president Putin with the leaders of State Dumas fractions. The president demanded, to put aside any sorts of political statements and debates. // They are out of place and harmful, especially when it concerns the suffering of hundreds of innocent people. What we need is a sober, objective evaluation of the situation and precise, well-thought actions directed to help these people save their lives. You should remember this statement because ten hours later the presidents special services will do the exact opposite: they will help the people in the hall on Dubrovka to get rid of their lives, inconsiderately using a little-known gas, practically they will kill them.

7:38PM. Anna Politkovskaya and the deputy Aslambek Aslakhanov entered the building and brought juice and water for the hostages. Two Red Cross doctors were with them.

7:40PM. Ruslan Aushev and the former premier Evgeny Primakov entered the building in order to get in contact with the terrorists.

8:25PM. Evgeny Primakov, Ruslan Aushev, Aslambek Aslakhanov and Anna Politkovskaya led a negotiation with the terrorists and left the building. Primakov did not comment. Aushev said that the terrorists demand to speak with an official representative of Vladimir Putin, however they do not name anybody in particular.

(We see that despite the started disinformation about an ultimatum and the preparing execution of the hostages there is more and more contacts. If there was an ultimatum then why demand to negotiate with a Putins representative?)

9:15PM. The signer Alla Pugacheva arrived to the operational headquarters. She brought with her the plan of the Theater Center building where her son-in-law Ruslan Baysarov rents a nightclub. Most probably this was the plan the special services used to let in the gas in the ventilation shafts.

9:55PM. 4 hostages are released from the Center: 3 women and a man, all Azeris. Another confirmation that the terrorists did not make an ultimatum.

10:38PM. The operational headquarters banned life broadcasting from the Center on Dubrovka and the bordering streets. The deputy minister of Interior Vladimir Vasiliev explained, This practice is illiterate from a professional point of view. In reality the deputy minister lies; they are preparing to raid the building and it is clear that they do not need television cameras.

10:40PM. The minister of Interior Boris Grizlov and the FBI director Robert Muller agreed to cooperate by keeping constantly in touch. The perfidious Russian Byzantines are cheating the Americans. Grizlov knows that the raid is in seven hours.

10:40PM. At the same time Putin, Luzhkov and Primakov have a meeting. They discussed the situation with the hostages. It is possible to suppose that Primakov expressed his personal impressions.

10:50PM. The operational headquarters say it does not appear to be possible to get a normal contact with the terrorists. This is a total lie because there are hundreds of cellphones in the hall and all the terrorists have cellphones.

At 11:40PM a man entered running the Center on Dubrovka. The unidentified man passed through the cordon, ran across the square in front of the building and disappeared in the central hallway.

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