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VVPs Biography

From October 7th 1952

To March 26th 2000


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7th 1952 in the city of Leningrad, the third, late child in the family of Vladimir Putin and Maria Shelomova. VVPs parents were born in the Turgimovski district of the Tver region, his father is from the Pominovo village, and his mother is from the Zarechye village. Apart from VVP there were two other sons in the family, but they both died in infancy, one before the war and the second during the blockade.

His father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, supposedly was the secretary of the L.Y.C.L.S.U. cell in his village. Putin Seniors fellow-villagers have characterized him in youth as a rather unpleasant person: godless and mischievous, he called to remove icons in the houses of the elderly, The mother Olga had enough trouble with him. According to unverified information, supposedly as the war began, Putins father has volunteered to the front and served in the extermination battalion of the NKVD.

After the war, like many migrants from the Tver region, the Putins, these rural people, moved to Leningrad, emptied after the blockade. In the fifties Putin senior started to work in the paramilitary security service of a car-building plant. Then he became a metalworker, he worked as a foreman.

Putins mother, Maria Ivanovna Shelomova, worked on the same plant. She had a face injury. According to some she was hit by her husband when they were young, according to others it was an accident. She worked as a nurse in the plants kindergarten, then as a housekeeper, as a merchandise receptionist in a bakery, a watchwoman and a laboratory cleaner. People who knew her described her as a quiet, calm and hardworking woman. They got married in 1928 and VVP was born when his father was around fifty years old.

Maria Ivanovna died from cancer in the beginning of 1999. Right after his wifes death Vladimir Spiridonovich began to have heart problems and a few months later he was hospitalized in the oncology department. Putins father died on august 2nd 1999. Both were buried in the closed Seraphimovskoe cemetery in Saint Petersburg. All of this is of an ill omen for the RF population. Despite cancer both died almost at ninety years old. People say that on his deathbed his father has said: My son is like a tsar! meaning the prime ministers suite, with which the son visited the father in the clinic. It can be ascertained that Putin comes from the bottom of society: his father is a turbulent metalworker, the mother, as it often happens, is a saint and a quiet woman (a housecleaner) living with a turbulent father. Both Putins parents were born in villages. For comparison: I am older than Putin by nine years, my parents for some reason turned out to be younger than Putins, both were born in small towns: my father in the city of Bobrov in the Voronezh region and my mother from the city of Sergach in the Gorkov region. Also they have a higher social status than Putins parents: my father graduated from a military college and became an officer and my mother managed to study two years in the chemistry department of a technical school. However my grandparents were indeed born in villages.

In school ( 193) VVPs study level was average. According to his school records he wasnt noted for his good behavior. He was shy and taciturn. After seventh grade he started to study better, for example he showed interest in German. Putin started to practice martial arts from thirteen years old, as a 6th grade student of class A of School 193. During this period he was sick a lot or missed school, either way, there were often notes in his absence records. According to some witnesses of Putins family life, VVP looks like his father who behaved as a very harsh person. (You get this kind of dismal workers, either they are harsh to the world or dissatisfied with themselves).

From 1960 to 1968 Putin attended School 193 on Griboedov Canal in Leningrad. Griboedov Canal now has a bad fame partly because it is the place where the democrat Starovoytova was killed. Also it is on Griboedov Canal that my late wife, Natalya Medvedeva was born. She was the daughter of a nurse and a coastguard sailor. Apparently, to replace the Saint Petersburg natives extinct after the war, the capitals downtown was populated with fresh, simple people metalworkers and sailors. These were the processes of that time, in Putins biography I notice a lot of traits similar to mine. For instance, I started free style wrestling in seventh grade, at fourteen years old, but since I am older than Putin, this happened in 1957. Recently, my fellow-townsmen made a documentary about me in Kharkov, in it my old coach Arseny speaks very well of me a promising teenage fighter. But from the general traits of a generation let us return to Putin. For some time he was the chairman of the detachments council. I was one for some years too until I left home at eleven years old.

After eighth grade Putin entered School 281 on Sovetsky Street, with a specialization in chemistry. He graduated in 1970. Putins class teacher was Mina Moiseevna Yuditskaya (later she emigrated to Israel). Jewish teachers were a rule at that time and not an exception. My class teacher was Jacob Lvovich Kaprov. He didnt go to Israel. VVPs records show C marks for physics, chemistry and algebra. This again brings E. Limonov and V. Putin together. The teenager Savenko had C for these subjects and also a C for Russian literature, but an A for Ukrainian literature.

As it is to be expected, witnesses of Putin-students life affirm that he was reserved. He liked to argue, including with teachers. He easily got into fights. The fact that VVP is a reserved man, all of Russia sees it everyday from the television screen. His clenched jaws show his stubbornness and his behavior in crisis situations, for instance with hostage taking in the Nord Ost and Beslan confirms the opinion of his classmates. He easily gets into fights, too easily, because in his childhood he risked to get hit on the nose and in the case of Beslan his promptness to fight cost 311 lives, half of them children.

Another information from the past: It turns out that Putin liked to do political reports in school, reading out information from newspapers about currents events in the world. E. V. Savenko (Limonov) also liked to do political reports in class a few years before. In 1959, in January he passionately reported to his classmates about the bearded barbudos who captured Cubas capital Havana. As students, Vladimir Vladimirovich and I resembled each other a certain time. It was an era. But after school we ceased to resemble each other. But farther about this.

Until 1990 the Putins lived near the Moscow train station in a communal apartment. This circumstance emphasizes the extreme poverty of the former metalworker and his wife, or did the communal apartment suit them? Since even if in 1928 by the moment of their marriage, VVPs father and mother were twenty years old, they must have been born in 1908, meaning that in 1990 they were eighty-two years old. Living in a communal apartment at eighty-two years old! However in 1969 the family bought a house in Tosno near Saint Petersburg. They lived in this house in the summer and sometimes in the winter.